Joint Fire Science Grant Funded Research

UNLV- Public Lands Institute

Wildfire destruction at Red Rock NCA west of Las Vegas.

Revegetating Burned Arid Lands

Since the introductions of the invasive annual grasses, Bromus rubens and Schismus spp., wildfires have become a relatively new threat to the Mojave Desert ecosystem.

Many native desert plants have little to no tolerance of wildfires, especially when they occur at higher frequencies due to the invasive grasses.

Since many of the native plants take years, if not decades, to reestablish after disturbance, revegetation efforts are needed to restore the plant community.

Yet, not much is known about how native plants compete with the exotic annual grasses.

Are there native species that can 1) reliably establish, and 2) successfully compete with exotics in post-fire environments?

Or, are some native species facilitating invasion?

Our research will try to identify successful native species using trait and competition analysis.

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Contact Information

Phone: 702-351-7572

Dr. Abella phone: 702-895-5163

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Principal Investigator

Scott Abella, PhD


Co-Principal Investigator

Stanley Smith, PhD


Federal Cooperator

Alice Newton, NPS Vegetation Management


Research Assistant

Donovan Craig, MS


School of Life Sciences