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FRS is an internationally recognized organization aimed at improving the lives of individuals through family-supported interventions. Solutions to goals are conceptualized to be inherently influenced by family members. Therefore, through education, applied research and training, FRS is focused on goal accomplishment within a family context. Using this model, a wide range of accomplishments can be realized, including athletic, academic and social skills, physical and mental health, and improved relationships.

T.O.P.P.S. is an exemplary program being developed with support from the National Institute of Health to assist elite athletes in optimum performance. Our team of professionals includes former competitive athletes, including national champions in both NCAA and amateur sports, professionally trained in performance intervention.


Great Opportunity for UNLV Athletes
If you are a NCAA, Club, or Intramural Athlete at UNLV and are interested in participating in a study evaluating a goal-oriented program designed specifically for athletes, please contact a Coordinator at FRS to assist in determining if you may qualify to participate in this study and earn up to $115.00.


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