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Dr. Kris Lipinska

Associate Research Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering



July 2015

Ms. Raja Palaparty, has completed her BSc. in Mechanical Engineering and plans to join the lab this Fall as a Master's student. Her project will center around bio-composite scaffold ceramics for bone implants. She will work on materials synthesis and on physico-chemical and mechanical properties.

bone scaffolds

June 2015

Lt. Col. Leanne Henry, Ph.D. of the Air Force Research Labs visited Fame-Tech labs. She met with Dr. Lipinska to discuss common interests and future collaborations inteh area of fiber lasers and glass materials.


June 2015

We submitted a new proposal to the Nevada Department of Transportation together with Dr. Alex Paz (Dept. of Civil Engineering & Transportation Research Center). The project is to investigate new phosphorescent glasses that increase visibbility of road markings and thus nightime safety.


May 2015

Dr. Kris Lipinska attend a Program Review of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research in Arligton, VA. The week-long review was on materials for extreme environments.


May 2015

Congratulations! Graduate student P. Klaita graduated with a PhD. in Physics. A large portion of her research was done at Fame-Tech labs, using the laser spectroscopy setup to investigate mullite-type oxides under high pressures. She used Diamond Anvil Cells to generate pressures up to 1 Mbar and followed the strucutral changes in her samples using vibrational spectra. Another part of her work consisted in following structural changes at high pressures with synchrotron x-ray diffraction at the Advanced Photon Source of Argonne National Laboratory.


April 2015

Cody Hanh and Hairui Yan joined the labs as a new team of Mechanical Engineering students. Cody and Hairui started working on their senior design project. The project consists in designing and building a small, lightweight, heating stage that will be coupled to the opical microscope. This device will allow to do experiemtns of optical spectroscopy in situ at elevated temperatures.

Heating stage

February 2015

We submitted a new research proposal to the Army Research Office. This project involves new glasses for fiber lasers.


February 2015

DIrectors from the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation of the American Ceramic Society visited the labs. Mr. Marcus Fish and Mr. Charlie Spahr met with Dr. Lipinska to discuss glass research outlooks and funding.

Glass foundation

February 2015

The research groups of T. Jones-Lepp and J. Zimmermann from the Environmental Protection Agency toured the labs to learn about new materials characterisation techniques available on campus.


January 2015

Dr. Ivan Cornejo and Dr. Mukund Vasudevan, R&D managers from Georgia-Pacific Chemicals visited the labs to discuss a new collaboration with Dr. Lipinska


2014 - First Patent at FAME-Tech Labs!

Our first patent was issued in 2014! US Patent no. 8,663,429, Hollow Glass Microspheres Candidates for Reversible Hydrogen Storage, particularly for Vehicular Applications. Our patent describes a technoolgy to load and recover hydrogen, repeatably, in glass microspheres, which would be a safe way to store and transport hydrogen in cars.




August 2014

We submitted a new grant proposal on laser materials in partnership with colleagues from Georgia Institute of Technology.


July 2014

Another new research article was accepted for publication with our colleagues from Germany, Argentina and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility: "Anisotropic lattice thermal expansion of PbFeBO4: a study by X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction and Raman spectroscopy.", M. M. Murshed, C. B. Mendive, M. Curti, P. E. Kalita, K. Lipinska, A. L. Cornelius, A. Huq, T. M. Gesing, Materials Research Bulletin, accepted, in press (2014).

June 2014

Cesar Giron, Alberto Burgueno and Neema Khalili , Mechanical Engineering students, shot a short movie showcasing one year of their work on a project at FAME-Tech Labs. The movie shows their outstanding work in building a Pressure Controller for a Diamond Anvil Cell.

June 2014

FAME-Tech Labs, partnered with colleagues from the Center for Materials & Structures, Mechanical Engineering, UNLV and with Georgia Institute of Technology in submitting a new grant proposal on shock and static compression of energetic materials.


June 2014

FAME-Tech Labs carried out analysis for and hosted a scientist from Molycorp, CA, the only mine in the US producing rare-earth elements.




May 2014

FAME-Tech Labs partnered with colleagues from National Security Technologies in submitting grant proposals for research on new materials for radiation detection.


May 2014

Cesar, Alberto and Neema, Mechanical Engineering students, presented their Senior Design Project at the "13th Annual Discover the Future of Innovation" Event at UNLV on May 8, 2014. For a year they worked at FAME-Tech Labs to design and construct a Motorized Pressure Controller for a Diamond Anvil Cell, advised by Mohamed Trabia and Kris Lipinska and guided by John Wang, UNLV

April 2014

A new research article was accepted for publication in the Journal of American Ceramic Society, with our colleagues from the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratoryand the Universitites of Bremen and Koeln in Germany: "High Pressure Behavior of 7:4 Mullite and Boron-Substituted Mullite: Compressibility and Mechanisms of Amorphization." P. E. Kalita, A. Cornelius, K. Lipinska, Sinogeikin, S., Fischer, R. X., Lührs, H., Schneider, H. J. of the American Ceramic Society. doi: 10.1111/jace.13027 (2014)

March 2014

Our research is presented at the 22nd Annual Conference of the German Crystallographic Society (DGK), Berlin, Germany 17 - 20 March 2014: “The Influence of Boron on the Crystal Structure and Properties of Mullite: Investigations at Ambient, High-Pressure, and High-Temperature Conditions“, H. Lührs, P. E. Kalita, K. Lipinska, S.P. King, J.V. Hanna, S. Söllradl , J. Konzett, H. Schneider, R.X. Fischer




February 2014

We submitted a new research article for publication in the Journal of American Ceramic Society: High Pressure Behavior of Boron-Substituted Mullite and 7:4 Mullite: Compressibility and Mechanisms of Amorphization.
P. Kalita, A. Cornelius, K. Lipinska, S. Sinogeikin, R. Fisher, H. Luhrs and H. Schneider




February 2014

Visit of Dr. Stas Sinogeikin, Associate Director of the High Pressure Collaborative Access Team (HPCAT) at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab.




January 2014

Zachary Miles, the UNLV Director for Technology Transfer and Development together with Wesley Harper, the Technology COmmercialization Manager of the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development visited FAME-Tech Labs.




January 2014

We attended the UNLV's Second Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Summit - STEM Summit, on January 13-14, 2014. Undergraduates Cesar Giron, Alberto Burgueno and Neema Khalele presented a poster about the engineering project they are doing at FAME-Tech Labs. Cesar, Alberto and Neema are building a device for automatic pressure control in a diamond anvil cell, for application in laser spectroscopy testing.


December 2013

Professor M. Soliman from the King Saudi Univerisity, Department of Mechanical Engineering, visited FAME-Tech Labs.




November 2013

Cesar, Alberto and Neema are making good progress in their Senior Design Project "Diamond". The device for automatic pressure control in a diamond anvil cell, for application in laser spectroscopy testing, is taking shape!



November 2013

New paper submitted with our colleagues from Germany, Argentina and France: Anisotropic lattice thermal expansion of PbFeBO4: a study by X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction and Raman spectroscopy, submitted to Materials Res. Bull., by M. Mangir Murshed, Cecilia B. Mendive, Mariano Curti, Gwilherm Nénert, Patricia E. Kalita, Kris E. Lipinska, Andrew L. Cornelius, Ashfia Huq, Thorsten M. Gesing


November 2013

We are working on a new exploratory project on Diamond/ Graphite Films by High-Voltage Plasma Deposition with Prof. John Wang, Mech. Eng. this is another exciting application of Raman spectroscopy in materials engineering!

Diamond film

October 2013

We are working with MSc. student Borhan Moradi and Prof. Nader Ghafoori from the Dept. of Civil and Environemtnal Engineering on a new project focussed on inproving new designer concrete compositions.


October 2013

We are working on two new papers with Dr. Patrick Zhai and Prof. Hui Zhao:
1. Self-Assembling Gold Nanoparticles into Industry-Scale Nanostructures Using a Technique Compatible with Semiconductor Fabrication; S. Zhai, P. E. Kalita, K. Lipinska, H. Zhao, in preparation

2. Fabrication of Periodic Grating Gold Nanofilm by a PDMS-Based Transfer Method for SERS Detection; S. Zhai, M. Ren, P. E. Kalita, Kris, Lipinska, and Hui Zhao, in preparation


August 2013

Congratulations Colin! Summer intern Colin Smith (Physics, Occidental College, CA) hosted by FAME-Tech Labs in collaboration with A. Cornelius (UNLV Physics), presented his research poster at the Closing Ceremony for the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience.

July 2013

Together with Prof. Hui Zhao and Dr. Shengje Zhai (Mechanical Engnieering, UNLV) we are adding a brand new analytical technique to FAME-Tech Labs: Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) and Surface Enhanced Resonant Raman Scattering (SERRS). Both SERS and SERRS are very useful to detect extremely small concentrations of molecules in a solution, taking advantage of surface plasmon resonance. For this purpose Shengje is developing various substrates with layers of gold nanoparticles that serve in the SERS/SERRS technique.


July 2013



Colin Smith, summer intern with the Dept. of Physics, UNLV is working at FAME-Tech Labs doing research on high-pressure transformations of uranium-containing compunds and he is also getting hands-on training in high pressure physics.

Colin in the Lab

July 2013

We are proud to announce that starting July 1st FAME-Tech Labs are joining the Department of Mechanical Engineering of UNLV!!!


June 2013

We submitted an abstract to the European Crystallographic Meeting to be held in Warwick, UK in August 2013


May 2013

Together with the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department of the Colorado School of Mines, we submitted a new research proposal – let’s keep our fingers crossed!



14 May 2013


Our new paper is finally published in the J. of American Ceramic Society! High-Pressure Behavior of Mullite: An X-Ray Diffraction Investigation, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol. 96, Iss. 5, May 2013, Pages: 1635–1642, Patricia E. Kalita, Hartmut Schneider, Kristina Lipinska, Stanislav Sinogeikin, Oliver A. Hemmers and Andrew Cornelius


22 May 2013

Our new paper has been accepted for publication in Zeitschrift fuer Kristallographie: Structural properties of mullite-type Pb(Al1-xMnx)BO4, by Th. M. Gesing, C.B. Mendive, M. Curti, D. Hansmann, G. Nenert, P. Kalita, K. Lipinska, A. Cornelius, M. M. Murshed



20-23 May 2013



We presented a global review of two years of research and development in our BioFuels-Phase 3, DOE-fuded project, at the Peer Review of the DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office in Alexandria VA.

April 2013



FAME-Tech Labs started a new collaboration with Dr. Daniel Toebbens, Head of the Crystallography Department at the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin in Berlin, Germany. We work on simulations of mechanical behavior and modification of vibrational properties of mullite-family ceramic materials at elevated pressures.

April 2013

We hosted Prof. Ivan Cornejo from the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department and the Colorado Center for Advanced Ceramics, Colorado School of Mines. Prof. Cornejo has over 20 years of experience in glass, glass-ceramics, and ceramic research and development. Recently, he served as the Global Research Director of Glass Research at Corning Incorporated.

April 2013

We hosted Prof. T. Gesing and Dr. M. Murshed from the University of Bremen, Germany for a week-long visit of research-work and late night dinners! We worked together very hard on data analysis, spectroscopy experiments on materials exhibiting negative thermal expansion, long range magnetic order and ... we did some late-night sighseeing too!

March 2013

We started a new collaboration in computational chemical-physics with Prof. Cecilia Mendive of the Laboratory of Photonic Photocatalysis, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina.



March 2013

We had 2 oral presentations at the March Meeting of the American Physical Society in Baltimore, MD, March 18-22, 2013:

-In collaboration with Illinois Institute of Technology: Luminescence and Local Structure Correlation of Er-doped Glasses and Composites.

- In collaboration with UNLV Physics and with the University of Koeln, Germany: Mullite Ceramics at Extreme Conditions.

De Coss at APS March Meeting

February 2013

FAME-Tech labs started a new project with Prof. M. Lufaso of North Florida University on high-temperature phase transitions in sillenites, materials exhibiting relaxor-like dielectric behavior, low dielectric loss and temperature-stable permittivity.


January 2013

FAME-Tech Labs are fully operational!

As of January 2013 the FAME-Tech Labs headed by Kris Lipinska, are fully operational and open to the public! Visitors can learn about lasers, spectroscopy (Raman, luminescence), processing of materials at extreme temperatures (up to 3100 F) and extreme pressures (up to 1million atmospheres) , and see some of the everyday work of materials scientists like fabrication of glasses and ceramics. To enquire about measurement capabilities, interested individuals can contact Kris Lipinska (kristina.lipinska@unlv.edu) or stop by the Labs: building HRC 410, 422, 423




December 2013

FAME-Tech labs are in temporary shutdown due to air conditioning works all over the building. Yup, plastic tarp everywhere, backup power generators are on, dust flying around…


November 2013

The High-Pressure capabilities of FAME-Tech Labs are expanding with the addition of two more new high-pressure devices - anvil cells for study of materials under extreme pressures. Another expansion of high-pressure research comes with the addition of a Electric Discharge Machining system with high-magnification microscope unit for drilling, in metals, of circular apertures of the diameter comparable to a human hair, that are not achievable by mechanical drilling means. Other specialized micro-machining operations are possible: machining of slits and apertures to collimate light or x-rays, and cutting small disks or slabs from metal foils, wires, or crystals. This instrument complements high-pressure research equipment.



October 2013

Kris Lipinska and FAME-Tech Labs started a collaboration with Purdue University, School of Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering on the study of hydrogen absorption in glass-ceramic materials. This collaboration will further our research in our Doe-funded project on glasses and hydrogen storage




September 2012

On September 7, 2012 Kris Lipinska held the Kick-Off meeting of Phase-3 of the DOE-funded multi-year, multi-million dollar project on Development of BioFuels.
The meeting was attended by representatives from UNLV, from Ceramatec Inc./ CoorTek and from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.




July 2012

A new post-doctoral researcher joined FAME-Tech Labs: welcome Dr. Eddie Witlicki!

July 2012

FAME-Tech Labs, in partnership with the UNLV’s Dept. of Physics, begun a collaboration with researchers from the University of Bremen, Germany: Prof. T. Gesing and Dr. M. Murshed. Together we investigate properties of new mullite type ceramic materials and in particular structural properties of mullite type compounds with a lone electron pair. The collaboration involves materials synthesis (single crystals and powders), laser spectroscopy at high-pressures, synchrotron x-ray diffraction and neutron diffraction studies in low and high-temperatures.




June 22 2012

Our DOE Program Manager, Dr. Gene Petersen visited FAME-Tech Labs, to evaluate the advances in the Bio-Fuels project and in development of the laboratory instrumentation.




June 2012

We carried out one week of high-pressure x-ray diffraction experiments on mullite-type ceramics at sector 16, HPCAT of the Advanced Photon Source of Argonne National Lab.




May 15-18 2012

Kris Lipinska gave a presentation at the 2012 DOE Hydrogen Fuel Cells Program and Vehicle Technologies Program Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting, in Washington DC.




April 2012

In its continuous expansion process the FAME-Tech Labs have added new capabilities in Simultaneous Thermal Analysis, with the installation of a STA 449 F1 Jupiter , NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH. Measurement capabilities include differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermo-gravimetry currently working up to 1550 degrees C (2,800 F). The possibilities of analysis include specific heat (Cp), thermo kinetics, oxidative stability, material purity determination, melting/crystallization behavior, solid-solid phase transitions, polymorphism, degree of crystallinity, glass transitions, purity, thermo kinetics, mass changes, decomposition, corrosion etc.




***JANUARY 2012

20-23 January: we hosted Prof. Steve Feller, BD Silliman Professor of Physics, from the Glass Research Lab. at the Physics Dept. of Coe College, IA.

Steve and Kris in Lab


Steve and Kis in Lab



The Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (DSC-TG) setup is on order - we selected the F1 Jupiter from Netzsch. It allows for in situ quantitative determination of caloric effects and mass change effects during a heating or cooling regime. The instrument can operate form room temp up to 1550 deg C ad permits for simultaneous measurements of thermo-gravimetry (TG) and of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)


Also the 15 ton laboratory press from Specac (UK) was delivered - its so cute!

FInaly we also unpacked the diamond wheel glass cutting setup and the glass polishing setup frm Southbay Technology

glass cutting

Hydraulic 15 ton PressGlass polishing


We fabricated the very first glasses in the new Materials Lab! The Carbolite 1700C furnace is awesome. The glasses were very viscous - no way of pouring them out, so they were left to cool in the alumina crucible sitting on top of a slab of steel.

Kris making glass


JULY 2011




Greatest news of 2011!

The Raman Spectroscopy setup is finally 100% OPERATIONAL!

It is a Jobin-Yvon Horiba (HJY) T64000 Raman Spectrometer, with a triple stage monochromator (that can operate with all 3 gratings simultaneously!), an Olympus microscope with 4 objecives, an XYZ motorized sample stage, an Ar-Kr laser (blue, green and red wavelenghts). We can do Raman spectroscopy (and luminescence spectroscopy) on solids and liquids, with extremely small sample amounts. We can also measure high pressure Raman spectra in situ using symmetric diamond anvil cells.

Raman Spectrometer

May 2011



Kristina gave a presentation at the 2011 DOE Hydrogen Fuel Cells Program and Vehicle Technologies Program Annual Merit Review and Peeer Evaluation Meeting , in Washingon DC.

DC Lincoln Monument

May 2011




May 8-11, 2011: We presented work at the 5th Interantional Workshop on Mullite Mullite-type Materials in Aviles, Spain.

Mullite 2011 Conference

MARCH 2011

On March 25th the brand new lab furniture from Wright Line was installed in the LASER LAB. The great Ms. Tonya Zaino and her Crew of "guy" guys made sure that we now have an impressive looking lab!

MARCH 2011

21-25 March 2011: we had presentations at the March Meeting of the American Physical Society in Dallas, TX. Pictured on the right: Kristina Lipinska and Sergey Mamedov from Jobin-Yvon Horiba.



On February 2nd Kristina gave a presentation at the 2011 DOE Biomass Program Review Integrated Biorefineries Platform IBR & Infrastructure, in Washington D.C. at the DOE Forrestal Building. After review the project received high scores from the reviewers!


Phase III of our project: Development of Biofuels Using Ionic Transfer Membranes is starting! It is funded by the Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Biomass Program and it is a collaboration with Cermatec Inc. of Salt Lake City, UT.



The Jobin-Yvon Horiba triple-grating Raman system with confocal microscope and motorized xyz stage was installed in the lab by the awesome Mr. Bill Pagdon of Jobin-Yvon Horiba (pictured here ON the optical table)!


Installation of the Jobin-Yvon Horiba triple-grating Raman system with microscope in the LASER LAB is set to begin on... 1-11-11 !


22 December: a new Ar/Kr laser from Spectra Physics was installed in the LASER LAB.


Two high temperature furnaces form Carbolite (1700 C and 1300 C) were wired and tested.


13 December: the Newport optical tables were connected with the doubler and installed in the LASER LAB.





We welcomed our new Post-Doc, Dr. J. Ramann, Ph.D. 2009 Physics.


October 7-9: Kristina is Co-Chairing the 3rd International Conference on Energy, Logistics and the Environment in Denver, CO. Here are some pictures!



September 20-25, 2010: We hosted for one week Prof. Hartmut Schneider from the Institute of Crystallography of the University of Koeln (Germany). Dr. Stas Sinogeikin from the Carnegie Institution of Washington also stopped by the lab. .


Aug. 31: Oliver Hemmers, Kristina Lipinska and Chulsung Bae attended the kick-off meeting for their Biofuels-Phase II DOE-funded project. The meeting was hostd by Dr. Shekar Balagopal and Dr. Anthony Nickens of Ceramatec, Inc. in Salt Lake City


August 16-23: we hosted Prof. Enzo Cazzanelli, visiting from the Dept. of Physics of the University of Calabria, Italy.


JULY 2010
Renovations in the future LASER LAB continue...

JUNE 2010

June 7-11: We presented our DOE - funded project at the 2010 U.S. Department of Energy Hydrogen Program and Vehicle Technologies Program Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting in Washington DC.

MAY 2010

Our NEW Jobin-Yvon Horiba T64000 high-resolution Raman system is here!

APRIL 2010

Fancy NEWPORT optical tables were delivered and waiting for installation in a new Laser Lab.

MARCH 2010

15-19 March: We had presentations at the American Physical Society March Meeting in Portland, Oregon!


Our group received 2 days of beamtime at sector 16, HPCAT of the Advanced Photon Source of Argonne National Lab.


We received a Grant from DOE-EERE for research on materials'issues in hydrogen storage.


Our group started a new collaboration with the mullite "guru", Prof. Hartmut Schneider, of the Inst. of Crystallography, University of Koeln, Germany and formerly Head of the “Structural and Functional Ceramics” group at the German Aerospace Center.


Our group welcomed a new Post-Doctoral Scholar, Dr. M. Alevi, Ph.D. 2008. Welcome!!!


A new Lipinska Lab. is ready! the Materials at Extreme Environments and Materials Synthesis Labs are operational !


We have been awarded of 5 days of beamtime at beamline 12.2.2 of the Advanced Light Source, Berkley National Lab.


25-29 October: Kristina is in Pittsburgh giving a talk at the Materials Science and Technology Conference on Exploring New Routes for the Development of Functional Nanomaterials Using Extreme Pressure


22-25 October: I am co-organizing the International Conference on Energy, Logistinc and the Environment in Las Vegas, NV. This year the theme is: The Oli Bubble Burst and Impact on Logistics and Clean Energy Initiatives. THe conference is looking awesome just like last year and we are holding it at the Mirage Casino and Resort.

International Conference


1st week of August: I am the Co-Chair of the "2009 International Renewable Energy Conference". I am also chairing the Renewable Energy Materials and Biofuels Session. The conference will be held at UNLV.

2008 Energy Symposium


Summer '09 : We are hiring Post-Doctoral Research Associates to join the HRC-FAME Group! The job adds were posted in Physics Today on May 22, 2009. FOr more info see the Jobs section.



27-29 October: I will be a panel moderator and speaker at the GREEN TECHNOLOGIES Panel Discussion of the International Conference on Energy and the Environment in Las Vegas

International Conference


23-27 SEPTEMBER: I am the Co-Organizer of the session on "FUTURE ENERGY SOURCES AND MATERIAL SCIENCE: one on New developments in biofuels research and the other on Chemistry of biofuels " at the 42nd Western Regional Meeting 2008 of the American Chemical Society, in Las Vegas

ACS Logo


20-22 August : I am the Co-Chair of the 2008 UNLV Renewable Energy Symposium in Las Vegas. The event will focus on renewable energy production in Nevada, the US Southwest, and renewable research projects nationwide. This is a great opportunity for anyone working on renewable projects to collaborate with others in this field and exchange information. A poster session will also be featured during the closing reception. Two tours will be offered as extra-curricular activities.

2008 Energy Symposium


18-19 August : We will be at the National Clean Energy Summit where we are also organizing a booth to display research on "Sustainability and Renewable Energy Research at UNLV". Industry leaders, scientists, policy experts, citizens, and the media will gather in Nevada at the national summit hosted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), and University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to chart a course for our nation's clean energy future. This is a pivotal opportunity to focus on defining a policy agenda that accelerates the development of renewable energy, energy-efficiency technologies, and robust clean energy markets in Nevada, the nation, and the world.

Clean Energy Summit

JULY 2008

14-15 July : July 2008: I meet with C. Segre, professor of physics and Associate Dean fo Special Projects at the Illinois Institute of Technology and discussed ongoing and future collaborative projects. I also visited various experimetnal facilities at IIT.

IIT Logo

JULY 2008

8-16 July: together with Oliver Hemmers, we received one week of beamtime at sector 9 XOR/CMC of the Advanced Photon Source of Argonne National Laboratory


JUNE 2008

6 June: my review paper entitled: “High-Pressure Structural Integrity and Structural Transformations of Glass-Derived Nanocomposites: a Review” was published in the Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids. (see: K. E. Lipinska, O. A. Hemmers, P. E. Kalita, G. Mariotto, S. Gramsch, R. J. Hemley, T. Hartmann, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, available online, June 2008).


MAY 2008

May 29: together with Dr. Oliver Hemmers(UNLV-OSEP) we met with Mr. M. Flinders from CERAMATEC (Salt Lake City, UT) and discussed the ongoing collaborative projects on development of materials for fuel cells used for production of biofuels.


MAY 2008

21st May: I met on with Dr. M. Affatigato, Chair of the Glass and Optical Materials Division of the American Ceramic Society, to discuss our collaborative projects on materials for renewable energy technologies.

MAY 2008

20th May: I was invited to join the Glass and Optical Materials Division’s Officers in the Business Meeting of the GOMD-American Ceramic Society.


MAY 2008

19th May: I gave a talk entitled: “High-Pressure Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Study Of Nanocrystalline Composites: Exploring New Routes for the Development of Advanced Materials” at the Glass & Optical Materials Division Meeting, ACERS 2008, Tucson, AZ, May 18-21, 2008


MAY 2008

together with Dr. Oliver Hemmers (UNLV-OSEP) our ALS research proposal, entitled: “Nanocrystalline Composites at Extreme Pressures” at the Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, was approved for a period of 2 years. The proposal was initially allocated 6 days of beamtime in the July 2008 - December 2008 running cycle.


MAY 2008

6th May: together with Dr. Oliver Hemmers (UNLV-OSEP) we met with Dr. A. Chkrebtii, professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and Director of the Centre for Materials and Manufacturing/Ontario Centres of Excellence, to establish a new UNLV-UOIT collaboration in the field of renewable energy technologies.


APRIL 2008

10th April: my paper entitled “Stability and Equation of State of a Nanocrystalline Ga-Ge Mullite in a Vitroceramic Composite: a Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Study”, was published in the prestigious journal Physical Review B. (see: K. E. Lipinska, C. L. Gobin, P. E. Kalita, O. A. Hemmers, T. Hartmann and G. Mariotto Phys. Rev. B 77, 134107 (2008)).


APRIL 2008

together with Dr. Oliver Hemmers (UNLV-OSEP) we received three shifts of beamtime from the Carnegie DOE Alliance Center (CDAC) to carry out studies of ceramic composites at high-pressures, at Sector 16, High Pressure Collaborative Access Team (HPCAT) of the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory


MARCH 2008

19th March: my paper entitled: “Equation of State of Gallium Oxide to 70 GPA: Comparison of Quasi-Hydrostatic and Non-Hydrostatic Compression”, was published in the prestigious journal Physical Review. B (see: K. E. Lipinska, O. A. Hemmers, T. Hartmann Phys. Rev. B 77, 094123 (2008)).


MARCH 2008

12th March: I gave a talk at the American Physical Society Meeting, on “Novel Oxide Based Nanocomposites: Development and Structural Characterization”, New Orleans, March 10-14, 2008; Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. Vol. 53, No. 2 (2008)
The APS March Meeting of 2008 held in New Orleans, Louisiana, was attended by over 7,000 physicists, students, educators, journalists, and researchers

APS March 2008 Meeting

MARCH 2008

together with Dr. Oliver Hemmers (UNLV-OSEP) we received six days of beamtime at Sector 9 XOR/CMC of the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory



together with Dr. Oliver Hemmers (UNLV-OSEP) our research proposal entitled: “High Pressure Studies of Ceramic Nanocomposites for Extreme Environment Applications” was approved by the Advanced Photon Source of Argonne National Laboratory, for a period of 2 years.



together with Dr. Oliver Hemmers (UNLV-OSEP) our research proposal entitled: “EXAFS Study of Ceramic Composites: Following the Progress of Nanocrystallization in Host Glass Matrix” was approved by the Advanced Photon Source of Argonne National Laboratory, for a period of 2 years.

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