Dr. Kris Lipinska

Associate Research Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Kris Lipinska

Dr. Kris Lipinska is an Associate Research Professor at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of UNLV, where she is the founder and she runs materials science laboratories called FAME-Tech Labs.

With a Ph.D. focused on materials science and laser spectroscopy, Dr. Lipinska 's main research interests include fundamental and applied studies of glasses and crystalline solids and processes that lead to design of novel types of advanced materials, with engineered microstructure and tunable properties.

Dr. Lipinska is a leading source of expertise in synthesis and structural, optical and thermal characterization of glasses and glass-ceramics for optical and other applications, examining the role of structure/property relationships on resulting performance. She has authored more than 100 publications, 1 patent, numerous proceedings and a few book chapters. Before joining UNLV, Dr. Lipinska was a post-doc at Oxford University/Physics, and held research and contract professor positions in prestigious institutions in France, Italy and Japan.

Dr. Lipinska has had extensive funded (government and other) research programs on use of glasses for hydrogen storage, on ceramics for ion exchange membranes, controlled nanocrystalization in glasses, luminescent properties of glasses and glass-ceramics , and the effects of pressures on the structure of materials. The areas of applications range from optical materials (amplifiers, fiber lasers), production of biofuels, materials for extreme environments, to bio-medical fields.

Dr. Lipinska's materials science labs were envisioned and built by her, with support of the U.S. Department of Energy. The labs became fully operational in Jan. 2013, under the umbrella of UNLV’s Harry Reid Center for Research. After the closure of that Center in June of 2013, Dr. Lipinska and her labs joined UNLV’s Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. Today FAME-Tech Labs are materials science labs composed of a Materials Synthesis cluster, an Optical Characterization cluster and a Materials at Extreme Environments cluster, all equipped with a state-of-the-art research instrumentation.

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